Our Vision
To organize programmes for the psychological, economic and social empowerment of disadvantaged children and single mothers towards their integral self-sustainability and potential.

Revival Dancers Unity Ministries
Mwesigwa Julius and his colleagues in Uganda welcome you to the website of Revival Dancers Unity Ministries. 

This group, started in Entebbe, Uganda, is supporting poor children and families including orphans, at-risk youths, elderly people and single mothers. 

It was set up in 2012 by a group of youth, who are involved in a number of volunteer efforts and activities in the dilapidated area of Uganda which was badly shuttered by the 1980-1986 protracted which ushered in the current ruling Government of Uganda. 

Formal operation of the non-profit organization began on the 5th July 2013, when, Revival Dancers Unity Ministries Community Based Organization was duly registered by the District Community officer of Wakiso District.
Our Mission
  • To improve the quality of life and equalize opportunities for orphans and other vulnerable children.
  • To promote self sustenance of our households.
  •  To care, support, and foster vulnerable children in target areas.
  • To develop their talents and equip them with life skills.

Our Objectives
1. Advocacy
Advocacy training and sensitization.
2. Education
Instituting vocational education for members.
3. Child Protection
Support child protection structures in communities.
4. Generate Income
Initiate income generating activities for the members and their households.
Your help is requested.
Our Hope and Dreams
It is our goal for Revival Dancers Unity Ministries to buy 200 acres of land 
to plant food and farm, on that land, we also hope to build on the following:
  • To build on homes for orphans and street children who don't have homes were to stay from (homeless children).
  •  To build on primary schools for the poor children and families.  
  •  To build on secondary schools for the poor children and families. 
  • ​To build on vocational institute schools for children, youths and single mothers. 
  •  To build on community health care (Hospital).
  •  To build on staff Quarters for the teachers, Nurses and ministry workers.
  •  To buy a ministry BUS vehicle for easy transportation of the children to go for out ministering.
"In 2012, I and the Church of Revival Base Christian Church were moved with compassion for the many parent less children, and we started Revival Dancers Unity Ministries (R.D.U.M) to address the orphan crisis in the country and around communities. You see Uganda has endured the scourge of civil war, and suffered with the AIDS epidemic. Approximately 2 million in Uganda have been orphaned by these calamities. Sadly, there are about 880,000 children living here as orphans as a result of AIDS alone. "

"Then in 2013, our dream finally came true, we started by adopting children away from streets to our Church. The number has been steadily increasing since then. Today we have adopted 5 wonderful children. They range in age from 1 to 16 years old. All together we have 40 children to support and taking care of them. Even though it is difficult to provide for all the children at times, we are up for the challenge. We are committed to our family and everyone in it. Our love for them is limitless."

Certified by the UN
Revival Dancers was certified to carry out activities in the fields of aiding the marginalized African people, especially Women, PWDs, Orphans, Elderly and youths, empowering them with information for integral development, encouraging interracial cooperation; advocating enhanced health; environment preservation; and imparting entrepreneurship skills. Based on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a great percentage of the activities that the Organization intends to carry out are targeting ending extreme poverty and supporting education for young people.
Uganda is divided into 127 Districts and one city (the capital city of Uganda is Kampala), which is grouped into four administrative regions. Most Districts are named after their main commercial and administrative towns, known as 'chief towns'. Since 2005, the Ugandan Government has been in the process of dividing Districts into smaller units, with the most recent change in August 2010. This decentralization is intended to prevent resources from being distributed primarily to chief towns and leaving the remainder of each District neglected.
For more information contact

Revival Dancers Unity Ministries
(Revival Base Christian Church)
Wakiso Entebbe-Uganda,
Phone number: +256705981409

Email Address: revivaldancerministries@gmail.com

Your help is requested.
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